Under Graduate

B.Sc. Biological Techniques & Specimen Preparation. (1995)

B.Sc. Biological Techniques and Specimen Preparation (BT&SP) is a UGC-sponsored vocational course sanctioned to the Union Christian College by the UGC by its Communication No. F.3 1/95 (VE) dated 23, June 1995. The Mahatma Gandhi University appointed an inspection commission for ascertaining the facilities available for starting this course at U.C College, and this commission visited the College on 2, September 1995 and submitted its report to the University. In its report, the commission had stated, ” The course content of B.Sc Zoology (Biological Techniques and Specimen Preparation) is rich enough that students of this course shall be given priority for admissions to post graduate courses in Microbiology, Bio-technology, Tissue Culture, Immunology etc. Moreover they shall be eligible for courses for which B.Sc Zoology students are eligible.” The Mahatma Gandhi University then granted affiliation to the course in our college soon after.

As per the guidelines of the UGC (Vocationalization of First Degree Education page x, paragraph 4), and with a view to facilitating vertical mobility we further enriched the course considerably by adding 3 additional Main papers covering Physiology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Developmental Biology, Comparative Anatomy and Ethology, and replacing the Subsidiary subject Botany with Biochemistry. This has made the course content equivalent to, if not higher than, any undergraduate course in Biology offered in the State of Kerala. The Mahatma University by its Order No. Ac. AIII/2/1243/97 dated 19, February 1998 granted eligibility to the BT&SP students to pursue M.Sc. programmes in Biotechnology, Biological Techniques, Microbiology Biochemistry, Bioscience, Immunology, Tissue Culture, Museology, and other branches of Life Sciences. The Universityalso declares them eligible for courses for which B.Sc. Zoology students are eligible.

The students also undergo On Job Training which includes a one week practical training in Medical Lab Techniques at Medical college, Kolenchery and a training programme in Biotechnology in any of the premier research institutions or industries handling applied biological techniques.