• The Bioscience Association comprises the students of B.Sc. Biological Techniques & Specimen Preparation, M.Sc. Biotechnology and M.Sc. Bioinformatics. Academic, scientific, cultural, social, sports and programmes of similar nature would enhance the holistic and overall capacity of the students. The students from these classes would be the office bearers forming a committee led by a staff advisor.
  • The Bioscience association would be the platform where students conduct programmes of diverse nature including debates, quiz, presentations, seminars etc on issues that matter which as a part of society they should engage in. Some examples include discourses/ sessions not only in subjects which they are learning but also environment protection, climate change, social organizational changes etc.


  • The Bioscience Association would be the students association of the Biosciences Department which would comprise the students of B.Sc.Biological Techniques & Specimen Preparation, M.Sc.Biotechnology and M.Sc.Bioinformatics.
  • The activities of the Bioscience Association would be of academic,scientific,cultural,social,sports and of similar nature that would enhance the holistic and overall capacity of the students.
  • The nature of programmes to be conducted and participated by the students shall be in accordance with the decorum of the institution and the decisions in regard to this matter would be decided and executed by the Bioscience Committee which shall comprise of representatives of the various classes and will also include members of the teaching faculty.
  • Overall supervision and guidance of the Bioscience Committee will be monitored and assessed by the entire teaching staff and HOD of Biosciences.
  • All departmental competitions in the College shall be participated through the auspices of the Bioscience Association. Celebration of festivals, commemoration of important events, Bioscience Day etc shall be conducted through committees selected by representatives of the Bioscience Committee.

Members of the Bioscience Committee.

  1. Staff Coordinator

Office Bearers

  • President of the Bioscience Association. (Preferably from M.Sc.)
  • Secretary of the Bioscience Association. (Preferably from Final Year U.G.)
  • Treasurer of the Bioscience Association. (Certainly from 2nd Year BT & SP)
  •  Representatives from each class ( Total number 7)

Ex-Officio Member

  • HOD of Biosciences ( Need not be present in Meetings)
  • The members of the Bioscience Association shall meet atleast twice in a month.
  •  The Committee meeting shall be presided by the President of the association which shall discuss matters regarding the programmes and activities of the Department. The Staff Coordinator should be mandatorily present in meetings. The meetings shall be convened by the Secretary, who should hold the Agenda for the meeting and ensure that all members of the Committee are present without fail.
  • The decisions shall be taken democratically. The representatives from the class should voice decisions from their classes and a final decision should be made.
  •  The final decision regarding any matter in case of indecision/controversy is subject to approval from the Staff coordinator.
  • The discussions and decisions shall be recorded as minutes of the meeting by the Secretary of the Bioscience Association. The minutes of prior meetings shall be read by the Secretary and approved by the members of the Bioscience Committee.
  • The fund raising activities which involves collection from students shall be decided by the committee, collected by the representatives of the association. The collection, possession and utilization of students money and other funds is solely the responsibility of the treasurer of the association who shall work in coordination with the staff coordinator. The treasurer should keep a cashbook and audit the same after every programme that utilizes student funds. The management and utilization of funds and cash shall all be a part of the minutes book.
  • The Minutes book shall be handled by the Secretary of the association.